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Solutions for Treasury

RISQ solutions for Treasury’s departments at banks offer an ‘all-in-one’ AI-powered limits and compliance monitoring system which can be deployed across multiple front-end trading systems.

RISQ | compliance is the industry’s first smart all-in-one compliance solution that monitors all types of limits and compliance checks across your entire treasury operation in a single view. It connects to any front office (such as Kondor, Murex, Calypso, etc.), trading platform or in-house system and offers an integrated monitoring workflow from real-time pre-deal checks, activity monitoring to exposure, excess management, and reporting. It detects limit breaches using AI based on a multi-dimensional space, a unique approach to complement the classical rule-based limits.

Solutions for Wholesale Banking

Banks typically generate more than half of their income from wholesale banking, yet most of the processes are still manual, customer service is poor, and decisions take a long time. RISQ turns your bank into a Fintech, by offering an AI-enabled solution which covers the entire spectrum of commercial lending.

SME Lending

SME Lending constitutes one of the biggest challenges as well as opportunities for banks. On one hand banks can untap into new markets, yet you need to apply a lean and efficient credit assessment process for SMEs to be profitable. It is time to change your SME game!

Corporate Lending

Lending to corporates typically represents one of the key income streams for most banks. A corporate credit assessment needs a lot of data from the customer, ranging from financial information to detailed business or shareholder information and many more. We help you to serve your key customers better, faster, and smarter!

Financial Institutions (FI) Lending

Every leading bank has hundreds of relationships with other FIs across the globe they provide credit facilities, in particular in trade finance. FI is the ‘underdog’ in banking as it provides stable income especially in crisis time, as the default of a bank (FI) is relatively low. Raise the bar in institutional and international banking!

Cloud based Solutions

Cloud based solutions in banking have become more and more the norm rather than an exception. Elevate your business and bring it to cloud! Safe and faster than ever before!

Fast development

You can be live in matter of minutes and do not need any IT to maintain the software.

Cloud security

Each client will have its own cloud instance. Data will be backed up in real-time.

No project risks

Our solutions are preconfigured based on your choices. No risk of a project overrun, neither any of your resources will be required during deployment.

Our Products

Our products are to meet high expectation of efficiency and effectiveness in the sphere of financial software industry.

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Emirates NBD Group transforms institutional banking business using RISQ | financial institutions