RISQ has signed its first key client in Dubai with a balance sheet size in excess of 110bn USD.

‘The contract with our launch customer is a huge milestone for RISQ. 20% of its balance sheet is processed through RISQ | Financial Institutions which enables us to have a significant impact on the bank`s overall performance’ says Michael Jesse, CEO of RISQ.

RISQ | Financial Institutions is an innovative end-to-end credit line management solution which facilitates the entire process of financial institutions inside a bank. This ranges from controlling and monitoring limits across all divisions, on-boarding new financial counterparties, to processing the entire credit line application. It uses AI (artificial intelligence) to optimise unused credit lines or forecast the remaining time for a credit application to be completed.

Using RISQ | Financial Institutions banks are able to dramatically reduce credit application time, increase overall credit pipeline transparency and through RISQ’s mobile app, management is able to react to limit excesses or approval requests within minutes rather than days.