Make corporate lending digital -end-to-end
so you can focus on what matters most.
The customer.

Raise the bar in corporate underwriting to a new level through bringing all stake holders of a corporate credit into a single place, giving them a 360-degree view of the credit process in real-time.

Credit facilities

Manage complex credit facilities with multiple products and multiple sub-nodes in any currency including treasury limits which can be broadcasted automatically to your trading limits system.

Integrated scoring

Our integrated scoring engine can host multiple scorecards allowing to pick different scoring models for different segments. Or we simply plug your scoring engine.

Embedded workflow

An embedded workflow engine can handle any approval process you have in place today with even the most complex rules.


Our solution will be seamlessly integrated with your bank’s source systems as well as local credit burau or any other external service provide (e.g. collateral valuation services).

Collateral Management

Collaterals are key in large corporate loans. We can automatically call potential collaterals from source system, trigger a valuation workflow, or block them once in use. Of course, you can also add them manually.

Policy Rules

We can set up complex policy and limits rules such as internal ratios or compliance rules and check those in real-time.