RISQ has appointed Maurizio Natta as MD for RISQ Europe. Maurizio`s role will be initially to execute the growth strategy for RISQ | Compliance, the industry’s first all-in-one compliance solution that uses artificial intelligence, in Europe and build strategic partnerships in the industry.

‘I am delighted to be able to bring Maurizio on board, in particular as we have worked together in our previous roles for over five years. Maurizio has over 20 years of experience in the financial service industry and has a global insight into banking as he has worked at various international banks as well as major financial software vendors such as Misys’, say Michael Jesse, CEO and co-founder of RISQ.

‘RISQ offers such a fresh and different approach to an industry which has been stuck in mainly regulatory issues and operational optimisation, but RISQ is changing the game dramatically by bringing a Silicon Valley technology to financial banking software. When in one of our first chats with Michael he demoed the application to me I was really surprised how unique this solution is, but at the same time how simple to use. You get it in 5 minutes!’ says Maurizio, who is based in Paris, France.