RISQ has appointed David Axtell as MD for Asia. From 2007 to 2014, while the global average banking ROE was stuck in single digits, APAC banks averaged 13% says an Ernst & Young survey.

`RISQ`s initial focus will be on the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia and in a second phase the Chinese speaking territories such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and China once we bring a Chinese speaker on board. Banks have been growing dramatically in the last decade in APAC and are demanding more sophisticated and smarter solutions which go beyond the regulatory and operational aspect`, Michael Jesse, CEO of RISQ says. `I am delighted to be part of RISQ. I have an almost life long experience in banking and can bring my knowledge to RISQ as well as immediately be able to connect with the customer on their challenges. What RISQ sells is not the software but the expertise` says David.